Solutions - Target Wide
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Optimize & Automate

Hyper-Targeting & Sales Automation

We specialize in attracting and converting the people that will love you the most.

Using advanced consumer targeting, and a process that identifies what makes your best clients unique, we launch a large set of micro-campaigns designed to reach the type of clients you want to see.

Ideal Client Targeting & Sales Automation

Let’s focus your marketing and sales efforts on the type of clients you want to work with. See how the power of hyper-targeting and sales automation will take your sales team to a new level.


Let’s build and implement a strategy that will attract, nurture, and convert the type of customers your brand wants.

Dental Patient Acquisition

We find the people that are most likely to become great patients for you, and most importantly, it’s guaranteed.


Custom hyper-targeting solutions deployed


Pre-qualified prospects reached


Continents served


Minute to get started


Client Spotlight

See how Ergo Dynamic an international healthcare provider, used our hyper-targeting to generate 200 new appointment requests in a matter of days for their first U.S. office.