Our Process - Target Wide
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Our Process

What to expect when you work with Target Wide!


Step 1:

Kickoff Meeting: We get to know you and your goals so we can help you get there.  Here we identify your ideal patient profiles in order to create campaigns tailored to each individual profile.


Step 2:

PreLaunch Meeting: Here we get into details about your patient acquisition process and how Target Wide will work with your team.  We also supply a lead tracking spreadsheet for feedback and to maximize the benefit of every potential patient that reaches out to you.


Step 3: 

Hyper-Targeted Campaign Launch: Once step 1 and 2 are completed and we have created each patient profiles’ set of ads and landing pages, we launch – And the appointment requests begin to come in…!

Please note: Step 1-3 only takes 5-10 business days from signing on with us so you will receive your first Appointment request within 2 weeks!


Step 4:

Ongoing support and strategy adjustments: Weekly calls will be scheduled between your Target Wide project manager and your office scheduling coordinator to receive timely feedback about the Appointment Requests.  We will have monthly meetings with the whole team to audit the Appointment Requests.  We will ask questions like: Who came in, who didn’t, who became a patient and how much did they spend, etc. We ask these questions in order to stop doing what doesn’t work and do more of what does to improve quality and increase ROI!